The Moxtra REST API (built on pragmatic RESTful design principles) allows you to access the content you see in the Moxtra app using simple HTTP methods. Check out the pages below for detailed information about all our REST APIs or click on API Console to experience the power of Moxtra REST APIs.


Once you've registered your app it's easy to request data using Moxtra API. All API URLs listed in this documentation are relative to For example, the /me/binders API call is reachable using

Moxtra API request endpoint (for production):
Moxtra API request endpoint (for sandbox):

Making an API call

In order to make an authenticated call to our APIs, you need to include the access token with the call. You can either include the access token as request header or as a query parameter as shown in the below examples:

Access token sent as request header: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN"
Access token sent as query parameter: GET

Also all our API is JSON based. When the request contains data make sure to define the Content-Type in the header.

Content-Type: application/json

HTTP Responses

The HTTP response can be used to determine if the request was successful or not, and will help to determine the cause of the error. When an error occurs, our API will return an appropriate HTTP status code and an error message description.

HTTP Code HTTP Definition Response Code Description
200 OK RESPONSE_SUCCESS The request was successful.
400 Bad Request RESPONSE_ERROR_INVALID_REQUEST Either endpoint doesn't exist or the Parameters are invalid. Retrying the same request without modifications will not work.
401 Unauthorized RESPONSE_ERROR_INVALID_TOKEN The OAuth Authorization header provided is invalid. To fix, you should re-authenticate the user.
403 Forbidden RESPONSE_ERROR_PERMISSION Bad OAuth request, you don't have access to perform the request. Retrying the same request will not work.
404 Not Found RESPONSE_ERROR_NOT_FOUND You are requesting for something that doesn't exist.
409 Request Conflict RESPONSE_ERROR_CONFLICT Indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the request.
412 Precondition Failed RESPONSE_ERROR_PRECONDITION_FAILED The precondition failed.
413 Request Exceed Limit RESPONSE_ERROR_EXCEED_LIMIT The request entity is larger.
429 Too Many Requests RESPONSE_ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Moxtra enforces the limit on number of requests. Thrown when your app is making too many requests exceeding the rate limits.
500 Internal Server Error RESPONSE_ERROR_FAILED Something went wrong on our side and we are working on it.
503 Service Unavailable RESPONSE_ERROR_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE The service is unavailable.