Developer Tools


Token Debugger

The token debugger let's you verify and validate the access_token and refresh_token.

Access Token Debugger

JavaScript Code Editor

The preloaded JavaScript Code editor lets you test the Moxtra Web SDK online.

Open JS Editor

Test REST API in Postman

Postman is a developer tool which make it easy to invoke REST API resources and receive their responses. We created a set of Postman collection that you can download and import into the program. You can set it up in the following steps.

Install Postman

First of all, download and install Postman.

Import Moxtra shared collection

Obtain access_token

From any API request, on the Authorization tab,

  1. Choose Type OAuth 2.0
  2. Click on Get New Access Token button
  3. In the "GET NEW ACCESS TOKEN" dialog box, fill out the following info:
    • Token Name: access_token
    • Grant Type: Authorization Code
    • Callback URL:
    • Auth URL:
    • Access Token URL:
    • Client ID: tzIJRNQC2D0
    • Client Secret: jnDXPqS-FAU
    Then click "Request Token"
  4. Follow Moxtra OAuth 2.0 authorization flow
  5. Click "access_token" and obtain access_token from the right panel. Then follow below "Set Postman Environment" section.

new access token

Set Postman Environment

Set the Postman environment; create a key as access_token and copy the obtained access_token to the value. When you set your access_token in Postman environment properties, remember to select the environment you have created, then you can start sending API calls.

postman env settings

Sample Code

To make things as easy as possible, we have created platform-specific code snippets that you can use in your development environment to get up and running quickly.

You can get your Client ID and Client Secret Key by registering your app here.